What is App Store Ranking

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                                What is App Store Ranking


Reviews are the best evidence of any app ranking. They include both bad and good feedback. Reviews are often a form of social proof. In reviews; both quality and quantity matters. These reviews let any app top or flop. Suppose when we are looking for a book online at any website, we read the review of that book both good and bad. It is also interesting to note that excellent reviews on your website can influence customers to spend more. According to marketing land, customers say that they are likely to spend more if they read excellent reviews.

How user Generate Reviews:-

Customers are more likely to share bad experiences than good ones. It’s important, then, to get right kind of reviews and really understand how can affect your sales and reputation. There are mainly two ways on which customer reviews are executed online:

  • Internal WOM reviews located on the retailer’s website or app store.
  • External WOM reviews located on a third party website or app store.

Both types of user-generated reviews are important. While on-page reviews have the benefit of not having to click to another tab to purchase. There is certain credibility to a large number of product reviews from your peers. It takes away some of the doubt and hesitation you’d normally experience in purchasing a product or service especially one that varies in value like apartments or food.

App store Optimization:-

There are a variety of different ways that customers find new apps-media, website, friends, etc. But far away, customers are searching for apps. There is no argument that the title is the most important single element of app store optimization. Changing your title often to include different keywords can be detrimental. Here are some ways to increase your app ranking:

  • Make the title or heading short:-

That means it should be nearly 25 characters, lengthy titles will get cut off. For the single most important piece of search metadata in the app store, you don’t want it to get chopped.

  • Make it creative:-

A user who has heard of or seen your app will be conducting a navigational search to access it. If this title is creative, it is more likely to be remembered and thus to be successfully searched for.

  • Make it unique:-

Unique is similar to creative, but with a twist. Creativity is something that will stand out to the user. Focus on being unique will raise the app store ranking.