Love Films after 2000

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Love Films after 2000

After 2000, heart images seem to be a trending topic. There are over 10 movies named Love, starting in 2004. The productions are a great sample of films around the world with productions from Taiwan, France, Indonesia, and Bengali. We have selected the most famous films to give you a brief summary.


Love, 2004

In 2004, the first Love film of the century was produced. It is a romantic movie from India. The film is a tragedy shot in Dubai locations. It had medium success as most Love films from India.

Love, 2005

New York was the scenery of 2005’s Love film. It is an independent production with a budget of 350 thousand dollars. The project was ambitious and had the collaboration of a multicultural crew. The filming process lasted only 20 days and was very well received by the critics. It participated in various festivals and won the price of Cinema Tout Ecran in Geneva, Switzerland. The narration is not linear, and the film builds a set of stories of several people who converge in New York City. Love from 2005 is definitely worth seeing.


Love, 2008

Love from 2008 was an Indonesian production. It won several nominations of the Guardians e-Awards and the category of Favorite Actor for Sophan Sophiaan for the Indonesian Movie Awards. This was the last film of Sophan since tragedy got to his life and he died after he finished shooting this job. Love shows Sophan side by side with Widyawati, who was his real wife. This is the movie with people engaged in a real life love story.


Love, 2011

Love from 2011 is a drama film with a mix of sci-fi. The film depicts feelings apart from heart images. Loneliness and the need for human connection are explored while an astronaut is in the outer space. This is a great film for reflection about our own existence.


Love, 2012

2012 was the year of love. The best film was a French production. It is a romantic drama that was nominated to practically all film festivals and won several of its nominations. It even got an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The second Love production of the year was from Taiwan. This was not a massive success, but it is worth seeing. The film features the most romantic scene of the year. In China and Taiwan, it collected impressive numbers.