Elektroroller, a German’s innovative idea

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So the Germans call them Electro rollers, and I think that I would like to elektroroller kaufen! Okay, I’ll admit that a couple weeks in Germany didn’t make me an expert of the language, but all I’m saying is that I loved the electric scooters. Specifically by UNU. Actually, they were the first and only electric scooter I used, because my friend who is living there owns one. My friend said they’re amazing. Described her experience with the company to me, and it sounded like something I’ve never experienced before. I mean, the thing is that Germany is well known for creating new and efficient ways of doing everything, and UNU shows it. You see, rather than building a huge stock surplus of a bunch of the scooters, they only actually manufacture one of these scooters when you order them. That way, every single one is purposeful and unique. And they’re unique because you can choose different combinations of color and engine power, and other design features. I thought that that was amazing. That, all you had to do was go to a website and make your choices, and then they begin producing your object. That is so different than anything else. The scooter arrives to your doorstep in a box, fully built. Yes, fully built in a box. Have you ever heard of anything like that? All you have to do is that a license plate and you’re good to hit the road. And boy, are they ever fun to drive in the city. I wouldn’t want to take it out on the highway, but in the city, I don’t think there’s a better vehicle.