A special packing box with VR capabilities that you can’t afford to throw away –Insta360 nano review

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This is a unique Insta360 nano review that’s sure to get you thinking. Thinking about why you don’t have this revolutionary gadget in the first place. Thinking about how unique every part of this device is. And thinking about how you will immediately purchase one for your Iphone immediately after reading this article.

What is an Insta nano 360 device?

An Insta360 nano is a really small gadget. Its dimensions are 110mm by 33mm by 21mm. But the fetes it can accomplish for your phone are all but small. The main ability it has is to enable your Iphone to capture 360 degree videos while turning your handset into the perfect view finder. How amazing is that? Its functionality is very simple; just slide it onto your phone, and you are ready to go. It also comes with an application that can work on your phone which helps to operate the mini camera. However, the gadget is custom made only for Iphones that are in the 6 series so take note of that.

The amazing packaging box

Do you ever ask yourself where packaging boxes that comes with electronics ever go to? I bet you have never given these boxes a second thought. You just rip them open, take out the important electronic, and throw the box away. You cannot afford to do the same for an Insta360 nano box. Why? You ask. Well, simply because the packing box that comes with this small electronic is not a common packing box.

Manufacturers of the Insta360 nano really outdid themselves when they made the packaging box. This is because instead of ordinarily making a disposable box, they kept up with current technological trends by ensuring the box has VR capabilities. This now means that you just can’t treat this box like your normal packaging box. In essence, it is a real VR headset.

How easily it works

Working with the box is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is take your photos or videos – with your Insta360 nano enabled phone of course – and then insert into the box for your viewing pleasure. Not only is it cool, you will have acquired two trendy things at once; a high-tech insertable camera, and a VR box. If you calculate the collective price of buying both of them separately, you’ll find out that you will have saved quite a few bucks.

What you get from this gadget is un-comparable to anything you’ve seen. And to top it up, you now have a VR box. Having read this Insta360 nano review, I hope you’ve made up your mind to finally purchase it.